A platform for your career development

The platform Laufbahndiagnostik supports you with scientifically proven questionnaires and working tools to address career development and thus strengthen the basis for a satisfying working life.

Why Laufbahndiagnostik?

You are about to make a career decision or would like to plan or redefine your next career steps? Then you have come to the right place. The platform Laufbahndiagnostik supports you in identifying your motives, interests and tendencies as well as your personality for future career development.

Our services

The use of the questionnaires and working tools including the creation of your personal profile is free of charge for private persons:
Questionnaires & working tools
Proven questionnaires and working tools for your career development that can be completed independently.
Personal counselling
The possibility to conveniently forward your personal profile to your counsellor via email, should you use Laufbahndiagnostik as part of an individual counselling.
Individual profile
An individual profile for each questionnaire or working tool completed, with explanations of how to interpret it and a summary of the process gone through.
Continuous further development
Continuous enhancement and further development of the platform.

You can also benefit from the platform as a counsellor!

We offer many advantages to qualified counsellors and proven experts with the fee-based counsellor's account. For example, you can connect directly with your clients on the platform.
All your data on the platform Laufbahndiagnostik remains strictly confidential.
Your data will be used for research purposes and for the further development of the questionnaires and working tools. However, the procedures do not allow any conclusions to be drawn regarding your identity.