Editor of the Laufbahndiagnostik platform

Marc Schreiber
Marc Schreiber
Head of Centre for Vocational, College and Career Counseling at IAP
Institute of Applied Psychology, ZHAW School of Applied Psychology


The Laufbahndiagnostik platform facilitates various services in the area of vocational, college, career and outplacement counselling as well as in human resources development.

In addition, the platform provides important insights for education (Bachelor, Consecutive Master), further education training (CAS, DAS, MAS) and research. Originated at a university of applied sciences the platform is bound to this fourfold mandate.

The Laufbahndiagnostik platform will continuously be enhanced and complemented. By research projects as well as bachelor and master thesis or internships we will evaluate and further develop the currently published instruments and offer additional practice-oriented instruments.

We advise on what we teach and research.

IAP Institute of Applied Psychology

The IAP is the leading continuing education and counselling services institute for applied psychology in Switzerland. Since 1923 the IAP has developed specific solutions for real world challenges based on best evidence from psychology research. Through its consulting services und continuing education programmes the IAP fosters competence in people and organizations, thus enabling them to act responsibly and successfully. In the interplay between services (counselling, coaching, diagnostics and therapy), continuing education, research, and teaching, the latest findings in research and long years of experience in practice complement each other. On this basis, we develop services that are practice-oriented, tested in practice and research-based.

The IAP evaluates the quality of its services regularly, examining effectiveness and satisfaction with the process and the result. The findings are then applied in a process of continuous improvement. New IAP products in counselling and continuing education are developed in consultation with applied research. The IAP offers counselling services of excellent quality, for which it has been awarded the eduQua quality certificate.